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SIGN-UP for ScriptSure ERX from Minuteman Press of Redding

You can sign-up for an account using the following button. The cost is $45/month and $50/year for a security token to electronically prescribe controlled substances:


LOGIN to Existing Account for ScriptSure ERX

After you create your account, you will receive an email invite or registration from your the system with a login username (username is always an email address) and a link to set a password. To Login to ScriptSure, go to:


Setup & Getting Started Guides

  • Provider User Setup Guide (for prescribers - MDs, DO, DDS, NP, ARNP, etc.)
  • Nurse & Supporting User Setup Guide

  • Video Tutorials

  • ScriptSure Orientation Video
  • How to Prescribe a Controlled Substance
  • Knowledge Base Access

  • ScriptSure Knowledge Base - Click to view.
  • Basic How To's

  • How to Add Users (FULL ADMINISTRATOR Permission required for this).
  • How to Manage Accounts and Users (FULL ADMINISTRATOR Permission required for this).
  • How to add ScriptSure launch shortcut/link.
  • How to Enable Pop-Ups using Chrome and Safari Devices.
  • How to Easily Login to ScriptSure Using Chrome.
  • How to Prescribe - Nurses/Supporting Users.
  • How to Prescribe - Providers - MDs, NPs, etc.

  • Advanced How To's

  • How to Setup a Compound Medication.
  • How to Prescribe a Compound Medication.

  • If you need assistance with specific functions and have not found answers from this page, please contact a super-user at your facility OR ScriptSure support.