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ScriptSure Cloud E-Prescribing

Get the most comprehensive E-Prescribing application!

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    E-Prescribing Software!

    Ease of use, powerful features and certifications make ScriptSure the the most advanced, flexible and compliant E-Prescribing application.

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    Start E-Prescribing today!

    Everything you need to prescribe. Print, fax or electronically send prescriptons to pharmacies.

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    E-Prescribing Software!

    Intuitive and easy-to-use features let you work faster & easier.

ScriptSure Cloud ERX allows users to electronically send prescriptions to all retail and mail order pharmacies attached to the Surescripts electronic network. (ScriptSure allows you to print prescriptions as well). Easy to use screens require no computer knowledge or typing skills. Every prescription medication, injectable, over-the-counter and vitamin product has been pre-programmed along with the most common SIGs for prescription medications. Every pharmacy is included as well.

Get Electronically Connected
  • send error-free prescriptions
  • receive electronic refill requests
  • access patient medication history
  • view prescription insurance formulary information
  • includes all information on electronically connected pharmacies
Purchase Options
Training resources, quick start guides and user knowledgebase are included.  Technical support with updates and upgrades are included with every purchase. Choose one purchase option:
  • Monthly
  • Annually

Benefits & Incentives
  • improve patient safety with reduced prescription errors and medication interaction checking
  • avoid CMS E-Prescribing penalties
  • be formulary compliant and help reduce costs to your patients
  • single click access to FDB and PDR drug references
  • fast and easy account creation and setup
  • prescribe faster and easier than ever before
Installation Options
ScriptSure Cloud ERX can be utlized on any web-connected device or computer.
  • Compliant with Google Chrome, Apple Safari & New Edge browsers. (Not recommended for use with the old Edge and cannot be used with Internet Explorer)
  • Responsive web-design application automatically adapts to the device being used
  • Use of the ScriptSure Cloud ERX application does not require any application installation.

ONC Certification Criteria for Health IT

Meaningful Use Certification Details

Developer organization name: DAW SYSTEMS, INC.

“This Health IT Module is compliant with the ONC Certification Criteria for Health IT and has been certified by an ONC-ACB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. (ScriptSure Cloud v2.1 & v3.0). This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

ScriptSure Cloud v2.1 - Holds Certificate No: and Date Certified April 13, 2022.

ScriptSure Cloud v3.0 - Holds Certificate No: and Date Certified November 2, 2023.

The following modules and Clinical Quality Measures (CQMs) were tested by Drummond Group for both v2.1 and v3.0:
  • Modules Tested: 170.315 (a)(1, 4-5); (b)(3, 10); (d)(1-8, 12-13); (g)(2-5)
  • Clinical Quality Measures tested: None.
  • Additional software used: None for testing.
    First Data Bank, Surescripts Network for Clinical Interoperability, used by the product generally .
  • DAW SYSTEMS, INC. - - 1-866-755-1500

  • Costs & Fees

    Users of ScriptSure Cloud ERX v2.1 will face the following type of costs in many deployments. Please consult your sales representative for more information. The table below shows items that a user can expect:

    Cost related to ScriptSure EMR application Costs
    Costs/Fees to Use the Certified Software Users can purchase the software as a monthly license or annual license with support. Monthly and annual license purchases can expect monthly or annual charges at the rate with any discounts extended for use of the application. Each DEA-licensed user or user with an NPI number entered on their profile incurs a charge. The license fees and annual support charges give end user access to application production environments, updates, database updates, upgrades and technical support. Additional fees apply for users that would like to Electronically Prescribe Controlled Substances (EPCS).
    Required 3rd Party Software ScriptSure Cloud ERX requires no 3rd party software be purchased, but Google Chrome is recommended download for use of this application. For users that need to Electronically Prescribe Controlled Substances (EPCS), those users must get identity proofed and purchase a security token from our partner ID.ME in order to EPCS. The costs for EPCS are separate from the license fees to use the application.
    Support Support is included with license purchases. Support can be either email or telephone support during service level hours.
    Drug Database Usage Base drug database usage fees are included in the monthly and annual fees. Users can upgrade to get more drug database information (e.g. enhanced drug descriptions and features).
    Document Storage There are no fees to store base data of the application, but for documents uploaded to ScriptSure Cloud ERX, there are fees for document storage. These fees are based on the end users amount of space utilized.
    Optional Prescription Printing We offer prescription-sized printer and secure prescription paper as needed. Users can opt to use any HP-Compatible printer of their choosing.
    Setup and Installation With ScriptSure Cloud ERX, the initial setup can be done through self-paced, self-service windows from within the settings and buy now functions on the site, or ScriptSure staff can assist with setup at no charge.
    Reinstallation ScriptSure Cloud ERX does not require an installation. For provider users, installation of MFA application on a mobile device is required in order to EPCS; this is a simple download via the APP store on a mobile device.
    Custom report generation One-time fee for ScriptSure Cloud ERX.
    Custom export of patient data for migration One-time fee or ScriptSure Cloud ERX - consult a sales rep. for more detail.
    3rd party integrated apps in ScriptSure Cloud ERX ScriptSure contains the ability to add 3rd party applications. These applications typically carry monthly or annual fees for their use. ID.ME functionality for ID Proofing and EPCS token is an example of a 3rd party integrated application.
    Data Interfaces Custom programming to interface to 3rd applications for sharing data is typically a one-time fee, but in certain circumstances can carry monthly or annual maintenance fees depending on complexity. Rest APIs are available for this.
    E-Prescribing Controlled Substances For users that would like to Electronically prescribing controlled substances (EPCS), there are additional monthly or annual fees and there is a requirement to purchase a 2-factor authentication hard token device or soft token for secure sending; additional cost for the token may need to be paid to third parties (e.g. Yubico for hard tokens) for these security tokens. Soft tokens are available through ID.ME for the ScriptSure Cloud ERX application.
    Cost for Meaningful Use Certified Products There are no additional costs for the certified module(s).
    Current Retail License $60/month/provider. This before any discounts or incentives. Please contact sales for any discounted pricing.
    Live Training There are additional costs at the current rates. Training my be included in certain sales. Access to documents, help videos, help menus is included; consult a rep. for more information on training.

    All users must sign a contract for use of the ScriptSure Cloud ERX product. The term of the contracts are generally for 12 months, but may be shorter/longer under certain circumstances.

    Contracts, accounts and access can be cancelled by end users. To cancel, login to ScriptSure, click your name in the top right then click UPDATE BILLING and you will see a cancel button Note, if you are an EMR or invoice-pay customer user, you will need to contact to cancel.

    ScriptSure Cloud ERX required ID Proofing through ID.ME before being registered on the Surescripts ERX network and sending prescriptions.

    For users that would like to leverage document storage, you can select Google Drive for an online storage provider. This requires contracting with and pay fees directly to Google.

    All users must accept Terms of User, Privacy Policy and Code of Conduct) available to users prior to purchase.

    All accounts must sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with Daw Systems, Inc. in order to comply with HIPAA.

    ScriptSure Cloud ERX only functions on web-connected devices that meet the minimum required internet speeds for connectivity and approved browsers and versions of those browsers as may be updated from time-to-time.

    The ScriptSure Cloud ERX certification from ONC-HEALTH IT is limited to ambulatory care settings.

    Any users that want to EPCS, must purchase a 2FA token and get ID Proofed.

    Printing prescriptions, reports and audit logs is supported in ScriptSure Cloud ERX. The ScriptSure Cloud ERX application simply uses the web browser's printing capabilities to send print jobs to an installed or otherwise accessible printer on the device you are using (e.g. Google Chrome, Apple Safari, New Microsoft Edge). ScriptSure Cloud ERX may include the ability to export demographics, report data and audit logs to file formats such as Microsoft Excel (.xlsx) or Microsoft Word (.doc) formats or PDF. To open these exported files, end users will need to have access to applications compatible with opening the respective file. Microsoft office and PDF viewers are not included with ScriptSure Cloud ERX.

    For ScriptSure EMR and other legacy installed applications, Microsoft Office, including Word and Excel, and PDF viewers are required for printing certain documents and reports. Microsoft office and PDF viewers are not included; purchased separately at the end user's cost.

    ONC Certification Criteria for Health IT disclosure statement and certificates here:
    Mandatory Disclosure Statement - ScriptSure v2.1
    Mandatory Disclosure Statement - ScriptSure v3.0
    Certificate of Health IT Compliance - ScriptSure v2.1
    Certificate of Health IT Compliance - ScriptSure v3.0

    Advanced SVAP Notice: In October 2018, ScriptSure Cloud ERX Version 2.0 completed upgrade to NCPDP SCRIPT Standard 2017071 and certified by Surescripts electronic network to that standard. ScriptSure Cloud ERX was the first ambulatory application in the country to reach this certification level. Rollout of the functionality to end users begins in 2019 to all providers and will apply to all providers starting 9-1-2021. The previous standard termed NCPDP version 10.6 will terminate starting 12-31-2021. Existing providers and new providers do not need to take any steps for this update. Prescribing processes have not changed with this update. While there are more features particularly with the SIG (directions) line on the prescriptions, end users will have no issue prescribing medications as they always have. Any users with quesionts can contact support. Version 2.1 and 3.0 are compliant with the ONC Certification Criteria for Health IT.

    Real World Testing Plans : The ONC Health IT Certification Program requires DAW Systems, Inc. to successfully test the real world use of the ScriptSure Cloud ERX technology for interoperability in ambulatory settings (see 45 CFR 170.405). Click the following link to navigate to DAW Systems, Inc. Real World Test (RWT) public information page: Real World Testing Plans. The RWT plan focuses on applicable certification criteria, specifically 170.315 (b)(3): Electronic Prescribing represented as individual user stories, in Ambulatory setting of care.

    Information Blocking Compliance: Since October 6, 2022, DAW Systems, Inc. and ScriptSure Cloud ERX Version 2.1 and Version 3.0 since November 2, 2023 are fully compliant with the Information Blocking Rule (45 CFR part 171, 42 U.S.C. 300jj-52 and § 171.103) requirements and ultimately the HIPAA Right of Access. DAW does not intefere with our clients or their patients access, exchange, or use of electronic health information. Electronic PHI (ePHI) is any protected health information that is maintained or transmitted within the ScriptSure Cloud ERX application(s). Designated Record Sets (DRS) are available to requestors in Human Readable Form (excel document .csv or xls and/or C-CDA with complete inclusion of all elements related to patient demographics and clinical records and ePHI stored; the C-CDA is not limited to USCDI info). A record is defined as "any item, collection, or grouping of information that includes PHI and is maintained, collected, used, or disseminated by or for a HIPAA covered entity or business associate. A HIPAA DRS is a group of records maintained by or for a covered entity that is: 1) the medical records and billing records about individuals maintained by or for a covered health care provider; 2) the enrollment, payment, claims adjudication, and case or medical management record systems maintained by or for a health plan; or 3) used, in whole or in part, by or for the covered entity to make decisions about individuals." Ref: 45 CFR § 164.501. Requests can be made directly to your EMR/EHR, to your account manager at DAW SYSTEMS, Inc. or by contacting Please do not include PHI is email requests.

    EHI Export Documentation (§ 170.315(b)(10) compliance): The following describes the Electronic Health Information (EHI) Export capability in ScriptSure Cloud ERX. The exports allow users to create a zip file of an individual patient, or all patients contained in the practice (application). This page describes the types of exports that are available, the format of the exports, and additional details that are specific to its structures.
    WHAT IS EHI? EHI is electronic protected health information (ePHI) to the extent that it would be included in a designated record set (DRS) (other than psychotherapy notes or information compiled in reasonable anticipation of, or for use in, a civil, criminal, or administrative action or proceeding), regardless of whether the group of records is used or maintained by or for a HIPAA covered entity.
    EHI EXPORT USE CASES 1. Practice export enables export of all patient data belonging to a practice. This export can be used when transferring to another vendor, or to replicate data for an existing application. The bulk export requires that the DAW Systems, Inc. technical staff transfer the data to the client once the export is completed. This is due to large amount of data that these exports can contain; often they require a long time to run and are very large. 2. Single patient export is useful when patients request their health information for personal reasons, or to share with another prescriber. This export is downloaded to the browser at the time of the request. Note: All export data is considered Protected Health Information (PHI) and requires that all guidelines be used to ensure that the information is encrypted and stored appropriately after download. EHI EXPORTS TYPE ScriptSure offers comprehensive and structured data in the C-CDA format. The following list of patient documentation will be exported in this format:

    • 1. Patient Demographics
    • 2. Practice Demographics
    • 3. Allergy Information
    • 4. Medication History Information
    • 5. Diagnosis / Problem Information
    • 6. Encounter Information
    • 7. Vitals Information
    • 8. Subjective Information
    Note: The SOAP note (an acronym for subjective, objective, assessment, and plan) is a method of documentation employed by healthcare providers to write out notes in a patient’s chart, along with other common formats. Documenting patient encounters in the medical records is an integral part of practice workflow starting with appointment scheduling, patient check-in and exam, documentation of notes, check-out, and rescheduling. Additionally, it serves as a general cognitive framework for physicians to follow as they assess their patients. Unfortunately, the C-CDA does not have a dedicated section that is used to communicate the notes to an external system or individual. As a result, the SOAP notes have been included in the Subjective section of the C-CDA document. Each SOAP note will appear with a Date, User and Doctor Name in the header of the note. Additionally, each section of the note (i.e. Chief Complaint, Subjective, Objective, Assessment and Plan) are included under the header. The user may opt to include the patients Current Medications, Allergies, Orders and additional Addendums to the note at the end of the traditional SOAP narrative.
    EHI EXPORTS FILE The export will be a zip file that contains a directory with the name ccda. Under the directory there will be an individual C-CDA document for each patient. The naming convention for those documents is the ScriptSure Patient Identification number followed by the file extension of .xml. EHI Export Documentation § 170.315(b)(10) - Click for document.

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    For a quick demo or to purchase ScriptSure products, contact sales at Toll-Free at 866-755-1500.

    Electronically Send Prescriptions

    Send prescriptions electronically to any pharmacy connected to the Surescripts Network (99% of U.S. Pharmacies). Approve or deny refill requests with the click of a button and send comments electronically to pharmacists.

    prescription printer

    Print Prescriptions

    Print prescriptions using ScriptSure. Print to a thermal prescription-sized printer or to any inkjet or laser printer available. Secure prescription paper is available for all States.

    More on printing
    More on secure prescription paper

    Comprehensive Drug Database

    Prescribe by searching by brand & generic drug names, class, specialty, alphabetically or create your own favorite list.

    Patient Prescription History

    ScriptSure stores all medications prescribed for patients. Powerful toolbars allow to sort and organize by status, date, drug name and more. Color code medications by status; purple for changes in dose, tan for discontinued medications, etc.

    Interaction Tracking

    Drug-drug and allergy interactions warnings. Each user can turn on and set tolerances for up to 14 different drug checks

    Re-Prescribe One or Many

    With a single click you can re-prescribe one or several medications from history in the same format as previously prescribed.

    View Insurance Coverage

    Insurance coverage (formulary status), co-pays and class alternatives are available for patients with insurance linked to the SureScripts network.

    Customizable Views

    Powerful toolbars allow you to sort by any field. Lump together same medications names, visit dates or filter data. All items on screen can be printed on reports and exported to Excel.

    Easily Generate Reports from Anything Stored

    Patient-specific or practice-wide reports can be exported in PDF, Word, Excel or any of these file formats:

    ScriptSure Feature List


    • Learn more

      Patient Record Features

    • Record and store demographics for each patient
    • Store patient preferred pharmacies and insurances
    • Store patient pictures
    • Record patient allergies and have automatic warnings for potential allergies
    • Print patient visit summaries
    • Add drug comments for patients with alerts

    • Administrative Features

    • Practice and patient reports
    • Secure user login
    • Advanced setup allows for users to be added to groups and each group can be granted access or restricted from any screen views and functions
    • View practice metrics and track use of the software via an audit log
    • View a report with all patients that received a medication with a single click
    • Create complex, tapering and titration medications with ease

    • Medication Databases Inside

    • Pre-programmed formats for all prescription medications; just point and click
    • Create a user favorite list of medications
    • Search for medications by favorite list, drug name, class, group or alphabetically
    • Includes pharmacology short description for all prescription medications
    • Medication Information from First Databank® Drug (FDB®) Information databases
      • Unobtrusive drug-drug and drug-allergy interaction warnings and as many as 12 different drug checks can be activated by each user
      • View pharmaceutical medication information on-screen: dosing, indications, interactions, contraindications, side effects and more
    • Patient education* information on all medications available from FDB®

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